Beekman 1802 Blaak Night Goat Milk Eye Balm

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  • Wonderful eye cream!, (dedeinthecountry WI)

    The Beekman Boys did it again! This eye balm is perfect! It's made with great ingredients, has a nice thicker texture perfect for night, and has a very light lavender scent to it. It really hydrates, smooths, and firms. I feel it really helps with my dryness and wrinkles under the eye. Go for it!

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  • Best eye cream!, (donnahighheels PA)

    This is my second jar, have tried many many eye creams and this is the best I have ever used. Had a few eye wrinkles and this has softened and brightened my eye area. I am very happy with this eye balm!

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  • Blaack Night Goat Milk Eye Cream, (Pugs18 MA)

    So many favorite Beekman products, this is one of them

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  • Night Eye Cream, (Seviram CT)

    This is me 2 Nd time purchasing might eye cream. Very good quality. Absorbs very well, hydrating and doesnt leave and residue. My wrinkles smoother since I have been using this eye cream. Highly recommend.

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  • Younger Eyes, (frito1211 MD)

    I feel that my eyes look younger and fresher when I use this balm. Not greasy or sticky and I even use on the lid--not sure if I'm supposed to, but has not caused any issues. Would not be without. Cannot claim that it gets rids of wrinkles, but they certainly look less prominent.

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  • WOMDERFUL, (Catgil AL)

    This eye cream is the first I ever used that left my eye area feeling moisturized ALL day. I am 67 and my eye area is extremely dry. This is now my only eye cream.

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  • On my second order!, (Polka_dot CA)

    The cream has been a blessing to my under eye area post an eye lift. The ointments and gels from the doctor were just too irritating to my skin. When I heard Brent first talk about this eye balm and how it helped his under eye area I had to give it a try.I have found this cream to be very calming and soothing to my skin especially since there is still some swelling. It has a very pleasant subtle scent. The larger size is more economical but has been sold out. I hope you get more in soon!

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  • amazing, (sweetie425 NY)

    first time purchasing this eye cream. i love it! my eye area looks smooth, firm, brighter. when i wake up in the morning i look well rested. i dont feel irritated. love the packaging and also is a pretty big jar for what it cost.

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  • Eye comfort like pillows, (MamaCarrie NY)

    This is amazing! It will not make your eyes or skin watery at all, it has a mild scent and the softness lasts and lasts. A generous amount of product

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  • Great eye cream, (Filo120 NJ)

    I have been searching for a moisturizer for my crepey eyes, I just started using this nighttime eye cream. So far I love it!

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  • Great Eye Balm, (Indianwoman CT)

    Really like this product. Hydrates eyes and helps with dry patches. Highly recommend

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  • Best Eye cream Ever!, (LuvInnovation NV)

    I am so pleased with the results I have gotten with this eye cream!I saw a difference with my under eye circles and puffiness within the first few days of using it. I have tried MANY other eye creams that provided little, to no results. The cream if also very gentle, no burning, itching, or redness.This is a win, win! Thank you Beekman Boys!

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  • This is special!, (MissMarilynC MN)

    Attention to detail is evident; packaging is next level. The balm feels vastly different from others. You feel like you are nourished after you apply. This is going to be great for the winter months...worth trying and since Beekman produces small batches...grab and go!

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  • Who knew?, (cmsisk GA)

    So, I just had cataract surgery and I'm not wearing glasses after 52 years. I HATED my look without them. I seemed to notice my horrible, baggy undereyes so much more. Well, all the other Beekman products delivered so I tried this knowing I could send it back. Nope. I am now very pleased and don't even bother with concealer any longer. I DO use the daytime eye balm as well. Great products!

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  • WOW...Erased all lines!, (Not_a_Wrinkle MA)

    Wow, I've been using eye creams for years, and this is the first product that has completely erased all fine under eye lines on me. It also keeps the skin around the eye very soft and supple. This eye balm does not bother my very sensitive eyes. However, it does give my eyes a more youthful appearance. I can now see why this product continually sells out quickly. Glad I got it on auto-ship!

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