Beekman 1802 Apricot & Honey Tea Goat Milk Whipped Body Cream Duo

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  • Yummy, (brainbleed MI)

    I originally received a sample bar of Goat Milk Soap in the Apricot & Honey Tea scent with a Discovery Box. Fell in love with the scent and had to have something else. The Whipped Body Cream is lovely. Very hydrating and not heavy or greasy. The scent is light and clean. I'm sensitive to heavily perfumed products, so this is perfect for me.

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  • Absorbing , (Shwarma TX)

    Combined with their body wash this product leaves your skin moisturized and smooth. My husband is now using the product. I see my skin less alligator looking. It soaks right in to your skin!

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  • 10 Stars!, (gilbertsmom2 MA)

    Beekman has the best body cream ever & vanilla is my favorite! Smells wonderful & works great. I also like their face products,soap,lip treatments-pretty much everything!

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  • five star, (gramray67 SD)

    this body cream is amazing! sad to hear that "sweet grass" scent is to be discontinued so i ordered this duo. wish they would have offered this scent in an eau de parmfume. product is just as said on tv, your body sucks in all the needed ingredients in the 1802 products!

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  • Never without, (1217gran SC)

    I have this on auto-ship so I never run out. Use it after every shower.

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  • love, (lsj1321 IN)

    i love this stuff, i use it everywhere, but you have to use alot, a quarter-size amount isnt going to get you anywhere.

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    Although there are no added fragrances, unfortunately, ingredients do have smells. The smell of the fragrance free, to me, is that of a musty, mildewy basement . . . not something I want to smell like. So, I do not use this very often which means I am not getting the real moisturizing benefits of the goat milk. I would try one of the mild fragrances. I wish I had chosen one with fragrance to mask the mildew smell, I wish I had known.

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  • The best, (Maxine69 WA)

    Love this cream and use it on my 70 year old arms every day. It keeps them smooth. Vanilla is the best

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  • ALL THINGS BEEKMAN!!!, (iamabrowneyedgir IL)

    Anyone who has been to Illinois in the winter knows that we get very dry skin. With that said, I can tell you that the Beekman 1802 Whipped Body Cream is just wonderful!!!. I have tried so many creams and lotions and am so glad that HSN offers the Beekman 1802 products at such a reasonable price. This stuff fits the bill when it comes to making your skin look and feel wonderful.

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  • Body Butter, (joyce25 OH)

    I have used beekman products for years and they work very well for me and my husband, he loves beekman body cream, and soap that's the only thing he will use for his dry skin, so I buy the pure for him, I sometimes use other products, but beekman is always in our home. Thanks, beekman for all your wonderful products.

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  • Great smell, a touch greasy, (Dickie56 VA)

    This product really has the consistency of whipped cream. I love the smell in honey grapefruit, and I like the fact that I can smell it, but it isnt overpowering for other people around me. It took me a little bit to learn how to make sure I could put this on without it being greasy though. Your skin has to be a little bit damp when you apply it, then this goes right in. Its best right after the shower, or I even use it when Im finished washing dishes, to make sure my hands dont dry out.

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  • Beekman 1802 Body Cream , (OlderGal62 NJ)

    I received this wonderful body cream as a gift several months ago. I loved it so much I ordered it a month ago. It makes my aging skin, look a feel so much younger. I have it on auto-ship, so I will always have it.

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  • GOOD STUFF, (chefinn IL)

    So sorry to hear Sweet Grass is being discontinued. I love that it's a pure herbal scent with no floral tones. I will MISS IT!

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  • Awesome, (nitpicki SC)

    I really enjoy pampering myself with Beekman Body Cream after I shower. It immediately soaks into my skin and leaves me feeling soft and silky. As a senior citizen, I really appreciate smooth, younger looking arms and legs!!

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  • The Best Cream Ever, (JoshuaTree NY)

    This is the best body cream I've ever tried. I have extremely dry skin and I use this every morning and every night. It has made such a difference in my skin. I've tried so many others, but they've never made my skin more hydrated and smooth than this one.

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