Beekman 1802 2-pack Pure Goat Milk Body Cream in Clock Tin

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  • A little too greasy for me, (ElyseLucy CA)

    I found that the product was a little too greasy for me. I compared to their hand lotion which sinks right into the skin. The alarm clock mailbox is cute! I use it on my desk at work for misc office supplies.

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  • Disappointed again, (jilltk OH)

    mailbox was dented!

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  • Aaaahhhh! Lavender!, (TxGran1128 TX)

    Delightful Mailbox and contents: For gifting? YES, by all means! For personal use? Absolutely! Especially is you love the relaxing scent of lavender.

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  • Beautiful gifting set, (TxGran1128 TX)

    Nothing more lovely than a Beekman mailbox filled with lotion that really delights the user. LOVE to gift these to the daughters, sister-in-laws, daughter-in-laws, grand girls all grown up, and dear friends.

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  • Disappointed.., (Bossfan68 NY)

    I was so excited to see the Oak Moss body cream come back as I loved this scent and was so sad to see it get retired awhile back. Unfortunately when I used the cream it doesnt have the same woodsy boyfriend T-shirt scent I remember loving. It now smells more floral to me which is disappointing. Also I think the formula of the body cream has changed as it doesnt drink into my skin as quickly as some of the other older creams I have.

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  • Pure excellence in a Jar-Fresh Air, (Frannie612 NY)

    Love this product, light fresh scent and moisturizes very well. This is my fall, winter hydration system.

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  • Great Gifts, (cleanair CA)

    So happy that I purchased this product. I look forward to giving them as gifts.

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  • Clean product, (Terrie121 OR)

    Dear Beekman boys, love your products, hate the Styrofoam and bubble wrap. For a business that is "clean" maybe use cardboard instead. T

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  • Unlemony , (HotinTX TX)

    I purchased this because of the described named scent. However, I smell NO Lemons whatsoever. Kinda bummed. It's more floral which I don't care for.

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  • Lemon, where are you?, (Zisele TX)

    So far, I have tried 4 scents. The lemon is far too blah. It has no fragrance, after 15 minutes. You still get the same creamy moisturization, but, I want to branch out and give my Vanilla Absolute a rest. There should always be sample sizes in all available fragrances.....all year round, if the scents are in season. Frustrated, guys.

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  • Sunshine Lemon,Humm ?, (Gmj21 MD)

    Surprise about how little the smell of lemon. Smell to me needs to be stronger to last on body. Other wise feel good on body.

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  • Berkman 1802, (Tony105 TN)

    I love the body cream and use it every day. The tin is an added plus in case I decide to gift one.

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  • 5 star, (Liz715 IN)

    Love the Sunshine lemon scent.

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  • happy skin , (tippit38 PA)

    My skin has never been better with the pure goatmilk. It has become soft and smooth. The body cream absorbs right into my dkin and never just sits on top. I am allergic to so many creams and I have very sensitive skin. I have no problems with the pure goatmilk. Will always buy beekman pure products.

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  • Please make lemon a permanent scent!, (Clandestine CO)

    I ordered the sunshine lemon whipped body cream and I really like it! I feel your whipped body cream is one of your best beekman products. However, the body cream could have a much stronger lemon scent. Please make lemon a permanent scent! I like it much better than the lavender- which I do not like. Also STOP Retiring all of your best scents like Falling Leaves, Summer Glow, Oak Moss, and Arcadia! Not everyone enjoys floral scents. I do not. Please bring back Falling Leaves!

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