BeautyBio White GloPRO Tool & Skincare Gift Set with Organizer

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  • Needles in your face, (Karenbeatrice NY)

    My dermatologist told me to immedialty return this. There is no way one can keep their face from getting infected or keep this product medically sterile. Check with your doctor before purchasing. Had to send back.

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  • Good Results!, (Hannah71991 OH)

    I've been using the GloPRO for about 3 weeks and I can see an improvement in my forehead fine lines and dark spots. I also feel like my serums absorb deeper into my skin. I'd recommend the product!

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  • Best investment, (sue271 VA)

    I bought this on sale 50$ off, its a lot of money for me to spend on something that I never tried! From reading reviews in different places I bought it, I m really happy with the result its been 2 weeks now using it every other day for 1 min my hall face and neck and I can see a lit redness right a way but after 30 min its gone I use regular night cream I feel my skin itchy for few minutes , in the morning I feel my face soft and vey smooth YES Im very happy that I bought this set

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  • Incomplete, (vikkibg123 MA)

    I ordered my based on the fact that they were adding the body attachment FOC. I did not receive the attachment in my package. I purchased a glo pro here before and love it. My thought was that I would have one for my face and one for my body. Probably returning it if they cannot send the body attachment. Otherwise this is a great product. I use it most days.

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  • Need Alcohol, (23shopaholic HI)

    I don't recall the host saying that you need alcohol to clean the head.Disappointed because I don't have alcohol and it's quite hard to get it in Hawaii.

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  • Love it!, (Cupcake100 AL)

    I wasn't sure what to expect from micro needling. But I was amazed with the results. I notice softness, smaller pores, make up goes on better, moisturizers and serums do not just sit on my skin... Glad I purchased!

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  • Not great!, (Nonnzerrelly1943 CA)

    I returned because I did not see results after faithfully using!

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    I have used this faithfully every other day since I received it on January 30, 2020. I have NOT seen any improvement, and YES it hurts if you apply any pressure which I have to do for my face to turn red. I was looking forward to it working. I may use it through next week since that will be 6 weeks. Unless something drastically improves, I will be returning it before the 60 day extended warranty expires.

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  • NO improvement!!, (tag330 FL)

    Purchased this with high hopes after watching the presentation but after months of faithfully using this I have noticed NO improvement or any benefits from the tool.Would NOT recommend the purchase. Feel like a wasted my money.Did not like the skincare samples either.

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  • Very disappointed!!, (Hulalady HI)

    After almost 2 months of use, I decided to return it because it was very hurtful to use. Watching it "live", made it look so easy. Every time I used it and tried with the lightest amount of hurt! I was hoping that it would work for me.

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  • A MISS FOR ME , (SandyGOL FL)

    Used every 3rd night..slight tingle and burning Left my face red..but still OK..Unfortunately I feel their was no difference in my skin.Felt somewhat dryer. Returned.

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  • Not for me , (nicee1119 IL)

    I didn't notice any difference in the appearance of my skin, I am returningthe unit ,

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  • Glo Pro?, (kimde710 NY)

    I like this glo pro however the products I could do without. Waste of the extra money. I use my own products and it does work well. I feel and look plumper and smoother. However I have one big issue -I ordered this 12/16 as an autoship supposed to receive a new head every month. I received an email on 1/15 that it was on backorder until May 2020. Then another on 1/22 now saying they anticipate in another 30 days. What a joke. How is it supposed to work without changing the head?? Very Poor!

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  • Love beauty bio , (glamdoll111 CA)

    Absolutely love it!!! I recommend it to all my friends and family. My mom is super sensitive to it, I recommend not to use it after going in for any vampire facial or Botox session wait a while for your skin to adjust. It has worked amazing for me.

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  • Glowing Skin!, (Jwhite222 LA)

    I was very skeptical about this purchase. But I am happy to say that after a few weeks I can tell a difference. My skin is glowing and tighter!

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