BeautyBio The Quench Cream

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  • Hydrating, (denverZ CO)

    The most hydrating face cream. Love this product. It has a very neutral scent as well.

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  • Poor, (kris0812 NJ)

    I broke out in a rash

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  • The quench, (gracefuldeb NC)

    This is the BEST Face product ever. My daughter and I have sensitive skin and have tried many lines of skincare and this is the best. Thank you.

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  • No Quench, (Dan44 GA)

    Felt greasy. Did not like at all. Also has smell that is a turnoff I am surprised by this because I have bought some BioScience Anti aging products that were good. Expensive mistake.

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  • Packaging is funky and.., (booinpa PA)

    I can't get over the packaging on this product. It is like someone made a mistake. You have to unscrew the bottom and the contents are half of what you think.. They should have put this in a tube.since I can't get used to the packaging and it is somewhat mediocre for the price; therefore not a keeper. Perlier hydrozone night is much better in my opinion.

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  • Wonderful, (bokki MD)

    Vey pleased with this cream ... a little pricey, but probably the best I have purchased .. I would suggest you try it .. wadda got to lose?

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  • Luxurious, (cliffy OH)

    love this cream. my skin drinks it up without feeling greasy.

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  • Didn't Notice any diff in 2 wks 2/day, (Pittsburghshop PA)

    I got swept up in the moment and ordered the glopro, the twice yearly creams, vitamin lotion and all of the others Jamie demonstrated that night , all to be going back, no .mprovement in anything

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  • The Best!!, (flipflop3 LA)

    The best moisturizer. I GloPro, apply R45 and quench each night. Great product Jamie!!

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  • Very hydrating cream, (TX_Teacher TX)

    Love this cream. I use it once or twice a day following application of the Daily Cocktail serum or Nighttime serum. Very creamy and has a nice light scent. Absorbs quickly into my skin leaving a nice soft texture. This is one of my favorite creams to use on a regular basis. Love the Beauty Bioscience line of products.

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  • Must have thirst quencher for face, (lindalu716 OR)

    Beauty Bioscience "the Quench" is the closest product I've used to date that addresses dryness. As I layer other face creams before makeup is applied this was "the best for overall dryness". I use on days I don't use makeup just for the aid in dryness for my face.

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  • No Quench , (lvmykatmeow439 FL)

    Going Back. Reversed 2 Years of Lancmes miracle work. Thank good ness a few days of Precious Cells softened, plumped my skin right back up. I was waking up with wrinkles I had NEVER seen before.I ordered the complete regimen to use as suggested. No Thank you.

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  • Better than the moisturize of the sea, (bellasusanna WA)

    I relied on the moisturizer of the sea with a miracle broth to soothe my dry sensitive skin. But this is 100% better and more effective in hydrating immediately and over time. I already have gone through an entire jar. And from a cost perspective you get more for you money too. It is unreal!

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  • Not that good..., (Anonymous CA)

    Very expensive for a cream that doesn't really offer any change to your skin. I regret paying so much for this product that was only 1.7 ounces too! My skin was still dry and the cream is a little heavy. Not at all what is says... Smh!

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  • Absolutely Fantastic, (Theodora35 FL)

    Hands down the finest moisturizing cream on the market-and I have tried them all including the sea one. Intensively moisturizing-easily absorbed-non greasy-absolutely unbelievable-my dermatologist remarked how my skin was so subtle and glowing and asked what I was usingthis is the best moisturizer I have ever used-an absolute must purchase if you need an exceptional moisturizer-and you are over the age of 30

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