BeautyBio The Quench Cream & The Nightly Peptide Serum

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  • teacher4, (FM11 CA)


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  • Nice, (briddy59 WI)


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  • What a waste of money, (Jroe KY)

    Save your money and buy drugstore, it's the same thing. This stuff stinks, I don't think facial creams should have fragrance. I should have just used this money to buy GOOD dermatologist office brand face cream

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  • Amazing, (Catlynnia VA)

    I use this every night. It makes my face so soft and smooth. My face has never been so soft. It makes my makeup go on easier and smoother as well. Definitely worth it.

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  • Read the ingredients , (kcalafiore1 NY)

    This whole line is nothing but hocus pocus and a waste of money. No change in my skin and there is hardly any product in the jars. The serum runs out quickly. I think ppl get blinded by her beauty and buy her products hoping to get skin like hers. My guess is she doesn't even use them. Horrible ingredients for your skin Inside as well. Save your money

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  • Read the first 3 ingredients , (JetBabe HI)

    Disappointed in the top listed ingredients. Beautiful packaging but once you get through opening the cream, theres not much product. Nice silky feel, but if I wanted dimethicone on my skin, theres no reason to pay this price.

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  • Love this set, (Hut123 SC)

    Both are great. Love The Nightly serum. It feels great and leaves skin soft and smooth. The Quench moisturizer is fantastic as well. A small dollop is all you need and you won't believe how your skin will feel and look. I know this is a prestige brand but the packaging is a bit excessive. The cream comes in a big box followed by a big lid that covers the whole body of the jar so then the container holding the cream is actually small. I don't feel deceived but seems like unnecessary waste.

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  • Miraculous Moisturizer Wrinkle Cream, (WINGSOVERKS FL)

    Was hesitant to try, but now Im hooked! Better than Lancmes absolute moisture cream and half the price on special! I reach for it am and pm. Love this cream and it isnt greasy like some creams.Best moisturizer Ive ever tried. Wish I would have found this cream and serum years ago!Absorbs quickly!

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  • Felt great, saw no difference, (NellieBee0706211 NY)

    Seemed like an awesome product, and may be for some people, but my skin actually felt dryer in the morning and I didn't see any difference in my skin. But I never hesitate to by from HSN because they are awesome. Worth a try if you like.

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  • So happy I purchased!, (BethFl FL)

    I just fell in love with this set. My skin needed this so much! Thanks Jamie!

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  • too early to tell.., (POloves2shop MD)

    So far I like these products. They're easy to use and they feel good on my face. I'm not fond of the Quench cream container but I look forward to using it each day. I'm using the Peptide serum sparingly so it will last longer. I think it will take a while to see results. At my age, I'm not expecting miracles but if this helps maintain my skin, I'll be pleased.

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  • Nice, (speedie78 TX)

    Very nice products. Leave your skin soft without being grease. First time user.

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  • Amazing results, (angie6893 NC)

    Quench is the face cream I have used I could see results in a week. My skin has glow it did not previously have.

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  • Awesome Products!, (mrsnelli64 UT)

    This set along with my glopro is like a fountain of youth! I really love the science behind it, it makes sense out of why I would wake up with dry skin even though I would always use night moisturizer. I started using this the first of the year...and then I turned 70 the end of February. I see people looking closely at my really has made a big difference!! I bought 5 of these sets. Thanks Jamie & HSN for such a high quality, affordable product!!!

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  • Great products, (bokki MD)

    Very pleased .. only been using a short while, but noticing some changes .. love the moisturizing of this line .. would recommend to any woman with dry skin .. that's my main reason. Love waking up and finding my face looking good .. nurished

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