BeautyBio R45 The Lift Phase 4 Neck Beauty Treatment Auto-Ship®

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  • Does not work , (joc11 AZ)

    Waste of money

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  • Outrageous price, (angie0215 CT)

    I will not order this again because the amount you get for the price is crazy! I used it and it is o.k. When I received it I thought it was a free sample and was looking for the actual product I paid a lot of money for. So disappointed!It will last a week. You need to make a bigger size and like 5 times bigger and charge the same price that you do for this tiny sample size.

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  • Transforming, (renee636 CA)

    After R45 The Lift 3-phase neck. Use this it go's beyond to firm your neck.

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  • Its good but I like to rotate the 3 step instead , (loveskincare1 TX)

    The product was not bad. It just Wasnt worth the money because the 3 step was a better value and great results rotated in my skincare program. Therefore, I think its a personal preference!

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  • Not worth the $, (Powershop9 TX)

    Product was ok. Bottle is tiny. Doesnt last long. Not worth the money.

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  • Another disappointing cream!, (kimbear WA)

    I bought this to use after completing the 3-phase set & saw no difference in the firmness of my neck. I don't really have wrinkles on my neck, but was hoping that the firmness would be addressed with this product. Guess I'll stick with the Prai neck cream that I've been using for at least 2 years now since I guess it has kept the neck wrinkles away.

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  • Not quite sure about this one, (CaliforniaJill CA)

    So I worked my way up the Phase 4 after finishing Phases 1-2-3. The cost is high for such a small amount that they say you should put all over your neck & decollate. Didn't think it was worth the money for that amount of product.

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  • Tubes of Product are not , (Cassie821 CA)

    Received this product on auto ship. Each tube does not contain enough product in them. The presenter/owner & host said the product is enough to use for the time period (1 week each) It is NOT. The amount of product in the tubes needs to increase by 50% each to have enough. I also used the 3 week, new tube each week, neck product & same problems exist for it. Way too expensive to have the manufacturer skimp on the amount of product in each tube. Returning 2nd AS.

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  • expensive, (tracieS FL)

    I have had incredible success with the glo pro line. After completing the cycle for the neck I went to phase 4.This is the smallest bottle (for $50) I have ever seen .17 ml. I doubt this would last for 2 weeks even following the instructions. Sending back.Either lower the price or make the bottle a reasonable size, please.

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  • I wont buy this again , (Bunny369 IL)

    I tried this whole system for the face and neck and had absolutely no change whatsoever. Im 55 years old and take excellent care of my skin and helped this would give me a boost and it did nothing.

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  • Do not waste your money, (TXAGGIEGAL TX)

    Do not waste your money. It does nothing.

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  • No go!, (carolinagal1 FL)

    A true disappointment. No change and this bottle is so small it didn't even last a 10 days. Definitely not a product I would buy ever again. Going back to HSN . They need to get quality control on this product. Sorry to be so blunt.

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  • So disappointed!, (hanna9 NJ)

    I was really looking forward to this product working, but it didnt! I am on my third bottle, and see no difference.Sorry, but would not recommend this product!

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  • Really, (Arizonahot AZ)

    The product might be good, but shocked to the amount in the container. It didnt even last 2 weeks only using once a day. For this price and the amount, theres no way even a rich person could justify using it no matter how great it is. Since I only used for two weeks, I saw no difference. I hate giving negative reviews, I just cant figure this one out.

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  • Not what it says it is, (bmcfarm PA)

    Interestingly on tv said if pure itll be yellow mine is very white not a bit of difference so far seems like a sham

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