Beauty Bioscience R45 The Reversal Phase 4

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  • Love this stuff, (97084monica OR)

    This is great for the skin.. Really helps with wrinkles.. I wish the bottle was larger though.. Runs out really quck

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  • Retinol product, (NDHR PA)

    I bought the whole system. Starting with phase 1 through 3. Currently on phase 2. It is working wonderfully, no skin irritation so far and my face is so soft to touch. I wish I would have started using this product years ago, I'm 63.

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  • Glow!, (schurman SD)

    If you want your skin to glow...try Bioscience. I love everything I have bought. Worth the cost! Love you, Jamie!!

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  • Can't do with out, (renee636 CA)

    After my first use, I make sure I have it on hand.

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  • Phase 4, (deniselynne19888 TX)

    I have completed the first three bioscience and beforecfinishing with phase 4 aI am getting compliments on my skin. Of course I am using the glo pro with this product. The glo pro has made a massive effect on getting products and serums deeper into my skin. Thanku bioscience

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  • Phase 4, (RUSTYCAJUN NJ)

    I love this product and would highly recommend it. It works to diminish dark spots and lines. Very easy to use and a high quality product

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  • Works great , (redeyeblue IN)

    This along with phase 1,2,3Are a must have! I have a lot of sun damageand after using this my skin looks great and everyone has asked me what have I done

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  • Best for My Neck, (naturalhealthnut PA)

    I love this product. It is the only thing that I tried that softens my 63 year old neck wrinkles the best. It did not make deep ones disappear, but smooths out the texture of the skin.

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  • Phase 4, (NOGALES NJ)

    Excellent product. Very pleased with results.

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  • GREAT to round out R45 treatment, (JOYEUSE TX)

    I'm very happy with the results of my 1st R45 treatment cycle. So adding in the optional Phase 4 was a no-brainer for me. I just finished up the 2 weeks of the Phase 4 treatment & I think I have enough for one more 2 week treatment of Phase 4 when I repeat the R45 system in a few months.My skin tolerated the Phase 4 very well. My fine lines & skin tone unevenness are much, more improved.I'm a competitive cyclist who spends hours each week training outdoors. But even with very careful sunscreen use, sun damage is inevitable. I'm also almost 50 and, compared with my fellow competitors who are in my age range, my skin looks SO much better than theirs. I'm a firm believer in the R45 system: yes, it's not inexpensive but it really WORKS!

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  • No scent - Hallelujah!, (svdbylv FL)

    I've done the R45 and, to be honest, I did not notice any difference until I hit Phase 4. (And I am happy to say that though it has been repackaged with a new name, it is the same as the original Phase 4)The difference I have noticed more than anything is in the texture of my skin - MUCH softer and smoother. I still have my dark spots; wrinkles were not much of a problem for me, but don't have any new ones so....The main reason I love this line is that to a normal nose, there is NO scent. (To mine there is a very slight whiff but even one I can deal with.)

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  • Excellent Product, (sheshops NY)

    This needs to be included with the first three Phases and I don't know why it's still only being sold separately. That's the only negative. This process is great. I've used it for a few years, and use the series every four months. I feel it's invaluable. I never had facial surgery and can't afford to do it really, so this is keeping me looking 20 years younger than my 75 years. But this is part of the first three phases and it's annoying to have to buy it separately.

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  • Amazing?, (char0000 PA)

    I've gone through the entire program and my skin looks amazing. However I don't understand why I have to wait and start over again. I've made It through 4 why do I have to go back to 1. I would like to move on, or at least stay on 4 with a moisturizer. I'm not paying all that money to start over again when my skin has already tolerated retinol thru 4 phases. Please make a big bottle of 4, so my skin can stay looking amazing.

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  • Five star product, 0 star delivery mechanism, (ZZ2015KS IL)

    I initially loved this product but the last couple of orders were problematic. The delivery mechanism either didnt work or they didnt put much product in the container. There is part A and part B. With my last order, I had to pump over 200 times to get a speck of part A product and at least 100 times to get part B product. I had similar problems with the order before that. There wasnt enough product to get me through the month. But my initial purchase of this product was fine.

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  • Neck, (Oldgoatie NV)

    Didn't see as much of a difference with this neck stuff, as I did with the face.

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