BEARPAW® 3-pair Pointelle Slub Knit Ankle Socks

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  • socks, (Daisy48499 IL)

    They are good quality and really nice

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  • Love Em!, (MDMINFL PA)

    Ive never had dollar store socks. I prefer great cotton socks that keep their shape and dont slouch in my boots or shoes. Beer Paw knocked these socks right outta the park! Ive washed mine quite a few times and they still look and feel like new. I love the cotton and the price is worth it. These are quality socks, just like their boots!

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  • Bearpaw 3-pair Pointelle Club Knit Ankle Socks, (iwantacare MA)

    I purchased these for my granddaughter, who hates to wear socks with her boots and she loves them. I actually purchase Bearpaw boots all the time and to see that the company is selling socks is a plus.

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  • Poor Quality, (JJewels56 MN)

    45$ for socks that are no better than Dollar Store socks! These are awful!

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