BAUBLEBAR Bennett 16" Goldtone Clear Stone Tennis Necklace

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  • BEAUTIFUL, (Olabren OH)

    I had my doubts. Usually, this type of tennis necklace doesn't stay right side up. I have returned several for that very reason. This necklace, however, stays right side up. So happy I finally got what I wanted.

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  • Love this necklace-too cute!, (LoveHSN54 CT)

    Yes, love the weight, quality, and shine. Pairs nicely with my tennis bracelet. The length is great as well. It's a keeper for me.

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  • Realistic, (veronique23 AZ)

    Of heavy weight and metal presence. The stones are beautiful. However, may return as is a lot of carat presence. Prefer more petite. Description does not list TCW.

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  • Horrible, (barneyb4_ GA)

    This product was absolutely terrible. Stiff as a board. Would lay on my neck with the stones showing. No way would I recommend this. It is beyond HORRIBLE! It really has to be bad for me to return an item. I usually do not.

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