Bali RoManse Sterling Silver Turquoise and Multi-Gemstone Round Ring

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  • Nice little ring, (Tobysmama100 IL)

    It's comfortable, it's nice on the hand, and the turquoise doesn't rise so high that it gets in the way or anything. The colored gems are rather small, though, a little surprising in a Bali ring, but overall a good ring.

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  • Gorgeous! , (PeachWood TN)

    Turquoise is my birthstone but honestly, I've never been super crazy about i. Especially since most "turquoise" isn't turquoise at all, it's dyed Howlite. This is real but it's "impregnated" which basically means low quality, soft stone that's been compressed and filled with epoxy or resin to make it harder. The other stones are fantastic! I can't deny the beauty of this ring, I absolutely love it! It does seem to run a little small. Very, VERY well made though.

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