Bali RoManse Gold-Plated Oval Gem Scrollwork Solitaire Ring

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  • Better than expected!, (chilibillydog AZ)

    The gem is secure and the color really looks like a Swiss blue from what I've seen of them!

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  • Sparkle simplicity, (Gemgail PA)

    Beautiful ring. Stone is vibrant and the gold color makes it pop. Truly enjoy this ring.

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  • Well desgned, (Staunton1 VA)

    Such a beautiful stone and the perfect size. I got the peridot.

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  • Looks cheap, (Pizzaluvr MO)

    This looked gorgeous on air. In real it looks like a gumball machine ring. The stone is scuffed up, no sparkle and looks plastic. I've ordered lots of rings that were inexpensive but they were all pretty in real. This is awful. Would not recommend to anyone.

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  • Splotches are red everywhere!, (Jennifer091 FL)

    This ring is hands down beautiful. I bought the Rudy... However, it came with these red spots all over the ring band. The Ruby also has a chip on the edge of the solitaire. Idk how they thought this was okay to send to someone! I took pictures but unfortunately you can not upload pictures here. Returning and rebuying. Hopefully I get a good one this time.

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  • love, (ND2MN MN)

    the blue is a beautiful ocean blue . LOVE LOVE .nice to find a blue topaz ring with the gold band! i am petite and the stone is just the right size not too huge not too small. Please bring more blue topaz & gold combinations in necklaces & earings !

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  • perfect clarity, (lap1d0p0l1s OR)

    nice peridot

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  • Beautiful , (Nini51 OR)

    I got the beautiful blue and the stone just sparkles, love it

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  • Needs to be Re-stocked : ) lol, (Firesightee MI)

    I was looking for peridot but my size wasn't left as this was about SOLD. So, I got the topaz. It's beautiful!!! The med swiss blue is a lot better than sky or london bc you can see glitter and bright but intense blue w depth- it has a good cut and open under for light to pass through it. Avg 8x10mm but so noticeable on the hand. I'd wear it w a gold wedding band if I had. True to size & thin splice shank makes removing easy. I was sold on the layered gold but the gemstone is the star here!

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  • Beautiful!!!!!!, (sammy1212 NY)

    The peridot color is beautiful and my grandaughter loves it and wears it all the time. I went to the mall, but the color does not even come close to what I found, unbelievable! No regrets!!!!!!

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    Very pretty ring. It's dainty but yet pretty. I bought the ruby ring.

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  • Beautiful!, (7lucky7 AZ)

    Purchased the Peridot and its beautiful! Great color and the setting is gorgeous. I will definitely purchase additional colors as its so easy to wear and has great presence.

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  • Peridot Beauty, (Kalan777 TX)

    The look of the real deal. It is a bit too dainty as I am not a petite lady...but I had to have it for the beauty of it. I might pair it with a band or two ring guards.

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  • Skimped On Prongs, (Deedles16 FL)

    I wanted a birthstone ring but its hard to find an everyday ruby without tons of diamonds. This fit the bill.Im happy with the color of the stone although its fully opaque; theres no mistaking it is a ruby.The setting is far smaller and more delicate than I thought. Id have liked it a tad more substantial.My concern is the flimsy prongs. They dont seem to fully embrace the stone and needed to be longer. Even the pic shows that.Im not sure in time if the stone might fall out.

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  • beutiful, (sandy261 CA)

    got these in blue and ruby, but just too small for my hand. returned both.They are beautifully made however.

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