Bagelista 24-count 4 oz. Bake at Home New York Style Frozen Bagels

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    I am not a bagel aficionada, but I know what I like. I have tried store~bought, coffee~shop, deli, I have ordered other NY bagels, I have tried "high~end;" the Bagelista Bagels are by far the best I have ever had. I admit, I was tired of trying different bagels. I had sworn off of buying more. Then I saw Debra Murray with these bagels; I knew they would be good. They are beyond perfect. The "pull" is perfect! The taste divine! So glad I am on AS!

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    OMG !! To die for !!

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  • Wandasue, (wandal5 MI)

    Great product love it

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  • Great Bagels, (shopgirl184 NJ)

    Followed directions and they came out great. Have them everyday for breakfast. On Auto-Ship delivery was great.

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  • Authentic, (scones60 MI)

    These bagels are delicious NY bagels. I heat them in the air fryer and they are perfect.

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  • One less thing to cook, (peoplewithpaws FL)

    These potatoes really hit the spot. They are not too filling, yet will go with most any meat product or seafood you can have. Tasty and the price is right.

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  • Bagels, (BG1969 VA)

    Great bagels! Have ordered twice. Come frozen in dry ice. Easy to finish baking and I also toast them right after baking. Will order again.

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  • Awesome Bagels, (jcelen NJ)

    I ordered these for a friend that just left the New York Area and moved to Nebraska. He said it was a perfect gift and tasted like an authentic New York Bagel.I also bought some for myself. My kids loved them and the Everything Bagel is awesome

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  • The perfect New York bagel at home, (CJ1432 NJ)

    Nothing is better than a NY bagel. These bagels truly capture the NY bagel taste and experience no matter where you are! They are far better than our local bagel shops in NJ!We ordered the variety pack and have tasted them all. Delicious and we highly recommend them.

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  • Incredible, (tarantula FL)

    WOW, are these great! With my diet I'm always looking for products with few ingredients as possible, but still have flavour. These fit my needs perfectly. My 1st time baking these was a miss. My oven is aggressively hot. I had to adjust temp so the inside would cook w/o the outside becoming charcoal. I cooled the bagel a bit halfway through baking time, and cut in half. I returned to my oven, and perfection! These make any toppings taste good. On my 3rd bag! Now, if I could just get NY pizza!

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  • Excellent!, (Mark329 FL)

    These bagels are fantastic. Only 4 stars because they lack enough toppings and are over priced. Still, excellent!

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  • Not Impressed , (Artie3321 NY)

    Not impressed by these bagels. Too thick for our taste.

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  • Bagelista Frozen Bagels, (dsmity50 IL)

    Thought they would be better tasting. Not any better than store bought, in my opinion. Not thrilled with this purchase.

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  • Tasteless bagels, (sueclo NY)

    Bagels were tasteless. This did not taste like the typical New York bagels I have eaten for 60 years. Threw them in garbage.

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  • They were not frozen, (rileypiper CA)

    I ordered these bagels twice. Both times when they came there was no dry ice in the container and all the bagels were soft.

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