BackTrac Back Massager

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  • Great Product !!!, (DennyW IN)

    I rarely write reviews but I'm so impressed with this item I wanted to thank the manufacturer with a good review. I've had a bad back for years and I do see a chiropractor occasionally. Electric massage units help but are difficult to handle and just don't seem to affect those painful areas like the Backtrac does. This unit really gets to those pressure points and releases those tight areas and relax muscles, bones and nerves. Loving how good I feel after using it. Well worth the low price!!!

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  • Back massager, (LordDallas MD)

    I love the back massager, its perfect for me and my family.

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  • Great Product, (fine713 TN)

    It really worked for me, I followed the instructions and the Backtrac really helped my back the first five days. I will continue to use it because I don't have the back pain that I had before and I will be 73 years old this month and if I can use this anyone can.

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  • I like the concept., (DesertKe TX)

    I like this product, it does what it says it will do. However, I did not realize the severity of getting on the floor!!! I think that this is best for folk who have no muscle pain issues. The pressure from the balls causes more pain than it relieves, if you have damage to your muscles. But, for those with tight muscles from stress, and other stressors, these will work well. For those of us who should not be getting on the floor, or have chronic pain issues, this will not be a good fit.

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  • Effective, (DrWatson FL)

    It helps to relieve muscular pain. The only caveat is that the instructions say to not wear loose clothing, and that wasn't mentioned in the presentation that I saw, and I also have to put my hair up. So sometimes using it takes some preparation that I don't always have the time for. Also, it's not comfortable to lie down on, but it does work.

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  • Don't buy it, (royaloakle MI)

    Very difficult to maneuver back and forth I could go back but couldn't get it to come forward without digging my heels extremely hard into the floor. Also some of the balls dug into the base of my spine and it hurt for several days afterwards. If you think you want to buy it to try it I went to send it back and it cost almost as much as the purchase price

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  • Very disappointing, (Chehas NV)

    Product was very poorly packaged, much of item was partially exposed so was scratched up/damaged upon delivery. Very disappointed, I bought 4 as gifts but cannot give them. Do not recommend purchasing this item.

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