Anna Griffin® Tulip Stickers and Sentiments

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  • Anna Griffin tulip stickers, (Bedalouwho74 NE)

    Wonderful. Love them

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  • The best stickers, (Alyse1 TN)

    Everything I have bought of Anna Griffin is 5 stars. I love how it helps me create wonderful cards..

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  • Beautiful Tulip Stickers, (helenm2 IL)

    Im SO in love with Anna Griffin Tulip stickers. My favorite flower and her designs are stunning and of great quality. They make gorgeous cards, etc.

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  • Beautiful, (BOMIDDIE PA)

    These tulips are beautiful. The colors are very rich. And the stickers are a surprise done in reds &yellows much prettier than plain white. Gives your card a finished design.

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  • Spring, (Coconut17 MI)

    Tulips are such a great reminder of spring and this sticker set is no exception. The tulips are beautiful and bright and even though I wasn't necessarily thrilled with the sentiments from the on air presentation, I have to say that in person, they really are perfect. They are encouraging and the colors of the paper are something unexpected from a traditional white layered on colored cardstock. Just wish there were more with a wider variety of colors

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  • Reds are dark, (tink4050 MI)

    I thought these would be a pretty color. They are dark, and not really a pretty tulip. I am disappointed with this product. The sayings are printed on dull greens. Not up to Anna Griffin standards.

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  • Less content for your money, (SkeetersDad NJ)

    You used to get 120 pieces of stickers for this price, now it's down to 80. Sentiments are mostly corny and not that versatile, and you get 4 of only 10 patterns in the box of flowers- these boxes used to have a huge VARIETY of pretty and usable flowers in them- it seems like they're just dashing products out to market.

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  • Tulips and Sentiments Stickers, (Mo1450 FL)

    I am soooo disappointed in this kit. The tulips are dark and do not look like the beautiful tulips for spring. I do not like the colors or the sentiments.Anna, you are normally a wonderful artist. What happened to these?

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  • Less product, poor colors!, (tuckerstarizzy IN)

    Why arent these tulips full of happy spring colors instead of muddled fall tones? Very disappointed! Stop using so many useless sentiments and focus on more and varied floralsmost of these sentiments in all the boxes now are worthless and we have enough! Why are we down to 80 items per box? Shrinkage inflation? Doesnt work for cereal and not for our supplies either! The prices are ridiculous, no value in buying anymore, sad to say!

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  • Colors disappointing, (gammy123 CA)

    I was very disappointed in the colors. i expected bright cheerful colors. im assuming this was a water coloring set which are watered down in colors. i think of tulips as bright spring colors

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  • Disappointed , (royalehoney FL)

    Broken hearted. Where is the plethora of colors that tulips come? ... yellows, purples, pinks, blues bright reds? And why do most of these look like red-orange carnations ? I bought 2 paks. I've got enough red flowers.

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