Anna Griffin® Ferris Wheel Easel Card Dies

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  • STUNNING hearth!, (tarantula FL)

    I absolutely LOVE this die! I've been able to use this with ALL my OTHER fireplace dies, AND various accessories. I made Colonial, Halloween, Fall, Spring (w/bright flowers) hearths. I even put a basket inside filled with objects from my theme INSTEAD of the burning logs. I made a card with a pop up chair, books, a tassled rug, wall clock, and created a warm den. My square window, and even my greenhouse die fit perfectly if I needed a different design for the occasion. Simply beautiful!

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  • Absolutely love this die set, (KATHYOO FL)

    I have been having so much fun with this die set. What I do is insert where the frame is, I use some vellum paper and then place a battery operated tealight behind it --- so that the hearth glows. I generally make different cards for Christmas for friends and family, but this year it is all Anna's Holiday Hearth. Just wish there was a 3 string die for the stockings rather than just one. I hope Anna comes out with small mantle dies or embellishments to enhance this remarkable die.

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  • Festive Dies for Christmas!, (vga OH)

    Luv these dies! They are so easy to work with and make a Festive Christmas card but can be used for other holidays too!

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  • Ferris Wheel , (meshle PA)

    High quality as usual and ease of use.

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  • Great die, (iwanit GA)

    I am so anxious to try this die for my Christmas cards. I wish Finishing School was still offered monthly so I could afford to join and watch for a class on this. The instruction sheets are good, but a class would be better!

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  • Holiday Hearth , (Judyannie IN)

    Love the die and possibilities. Having a slight issue with instructions. Would love a video regarding placement of fireplace to lie flat AND pop up.

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  • Very Nice, (mahlei MT)

    This is a nice die and goes along well with the Ferris Wheel. I hope Anna comes up with an more carnival rides. Maybe the Loop-o Plane (Hammer) and have it so kids can turn it. I gave it a 4 because the seats aren't quite prominent enough. I want to put some people in them. It will be beautiful when all done up. Great designs Anna.

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  • AG can do a LOT better, (tarantula FL)

    This IS a pretty die set, BUT at THIS PRICE it SHOULD HAVE BEEN ON A MAGNETIC BACKING! Producing dies is no longer the expensive undertaking it once was. Also, an outre ring die should have been included in order to make a spinning Ferris Wheel. We had to cut the BASE DIE for the wheel, turn it, and further cut the rest of the cars. A step that SHOULD have been UNNECESSARY! Please, AG THINK your offerings through!

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  • Holiday hearth dies, (Nena_B TX)

    Hsn canceled my order for this die without my knowledge so I have no reviews.

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