Andrew & Muriel's Healthy Veggies Made Delicious Cookbook

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  • Andrew & Muriel's Healthy Veggies Cookbook, (Cloud903 TX)

    Both the soup and the veggies cookbooks are very nice. Love the step by step instructions with pictures. Books are made of good quality material. Will probably order the other books that are available from Andrew and Muriel.

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  • Andrew Healthy Veggies Made Delicious, (Agapita CA)

    Amazing book full of fairly simple, quick very healthy recipes... Love the pictures of the food , the ingredients an the nutritional values. Very smart well thought out receipts made easy for the non chef and everyday cook and busy Mom or Grandma really... Have raved about this to everyone. Bought a copy for my daughter too.

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  • Fabulous Cookbooks, (Honeybear55 MI)

    Love everything from Andrew, and now a huge fan of Muriel's too. The cookbooks are so well illustrated with pictures of each step. Love the spiral binder and the coated pages which can be easily wiped off. I have never owned such beautiful cookbooks. I have two and am waiting on the third. A true winner. Thank you for all the love and wonderful products, Andrew and Muriel! Keep up the great work!

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  • Okay, (Anonymous CT)

    I was not impressed. I will be giving the cookbooks to a tag sale.

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  • Fantastic!!!, (moochiemilos CA)

    I love love love this cookbook!! I don't think I have ever been so excited about a cookbook..So many fab recipes and so easy to read..and it stays open!!!I'm a vegetarian but this is for everyone!!And soo affordable!!

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  • Andrew's healthy veggies cookbook, (dollbaby2572282 IN)

    Love this veggies cookbook, great recipes.

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  • Great book , (LisaLong7 IN)

    Great recipes and easy to follow

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  • Best cookbook ever!!!, (Share01 GA)

    I have other cook books, that I never use. You know how it is, you buy cookbooks, thinking you will use them, then they sit on a shelf, well, not Andrews. I have shared recipes from the book with both of my sisters and they always lose the recipes and ask for them over and over, till I finally ordered them each a book, in all 4 books. If you like healthy eating, get this book, recipes are delicious and easy. I love the way the pictures show step by step and breaks down the nutritional information. You can have all my other cookbooks, but not Andrews!

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  • WOW!, (Bargainfinder115 WY)

    omg, I haven't even read the entire thing, but just flipping thru, I am amazed! It seems these days cookbooks are a dime a dozen (good content, usable, but little depth and attention to detail). I immediately dropped what I was doing to write this review! Full detailed pictures of everything, nutrition facts included, I am something of a cookbook addict, I have many, but this stands out!!! I can tell major EFFORT was put into this! LOVE!! Thank you!

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  • Informative , (miss_mo WA)

    I love the recipes and the nutritional information

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  • Go veggies!, (sade498 WI)

    Always looking for an alternative way to add different veggies to my diet.

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  • easy to follow, (nola40 LA)

    Pictures and recipes are easy to it

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  • I order extras for gifts, (carok MD)

    I've learned a lot from this book....mainly that adding a red onion and some roasted nuts make any vege all the better! The photos help a lot since I don't love to measure, I can eyeball it. I have extras on hand to give as gifts when friends are concerned about their nutrition. I love giving them, though some think the comments are a bit insipid. I personally like the couple and their stories.

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  • This is a lovely cookbook, (5furkids MI)

    The recipes are so easy to understand. I think the book is really done well and the pictures are lovely.

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  • Veggie~Tastic!, (Goobies AZ)

    This cook book is a HOME RUN! It has gained prime real-estate on the counter at our house and is used nightly! Empty Plates are a sign that this, cookbook deserves a gold medal! Tasty recipes and easy to find ingredients along with LOADS of pictures make this such a WELCOME addition to our kitchen! ~ Muriel, Merci pour ce beau livre! ~Jennifer~

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