Anchor Hocking 2-pack 1-Gallon TrueFit Glass Storage Jars with Lids

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  • It's Anchor Hocking, the best!, (MorningDoves TX)

    I'm hoping these aren't going away permanently.? I would like to purchase another set. These are useful in so many ways. PLEASE don't discontinue these. Love this size for many different reasons

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  • My 3rd (4th) Set, (AnyoneCA WA)

    I have six of these and LOVE them. I had to replace one set because the lids were defective, but they are PERFECT in my farm kitchen. Very pleased with the style, quality, color, size, fit.

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  • Clear Wonders , (Pixie333 AL)

    Was tired of pantry of plastics and decided to go back to glass canisters. Yes that was the problem solving process. Stacked on a counter in kitchen and now I see what I need and easy to open and cook .

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  • Great size, (Lizzie-B7 SC)

    I have lots of Anchor Hocking but was looking for something bigger. These are a great size. I prefer to heat foods in the microwave in glass instead of plastic. Much safer and no chance of plastic melting into my food.

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  • 2-Pack 1-Gallon Jars, (Review63 IN)

    I love the way that I can use these for my baking goods. They have a great seal on them as to not allow moisture to get in.

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  • Gave as gift, (MSPRECIOUS NE)

    Recipient loved these containers as well as another set of Anchor Glass Containers. Along with their others sets they would make useful wedding shower gift.

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  • Great Storage., (Jem11 NY)

    These are great. I have all the Anchor Hocking storage containers. They are more sanitary than plastic. I keep a few plastic containers for traveling but cooking in or reheating food, I always use glass. I highly recommend these storage containers.

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  • Anchor Hocking 1 gallon containers, (Terry_Lee OK)

    Arrived on time and intact. Was packed very securely. These gallon containers are very substantial. Will order more

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  • Great storage, (yellowrose78418 TX)

    I use these to store food that I make for my pets. It takes up less space and keeps food fresh. Love these containers

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  • Love, Love, Love it!, (Joshie1990 OK)

    I am so glad I purchased these! Love them! Im using them for storage for my Cereal and crackers, Perfect size! I love that they are stackable! Perfect space savers!

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  • Great 1 gallon size storage container, (Emac357 ID)

    I purchased 2 sets of these containers. I purchased a 25 lb bag of rice. Which I used these jars to hold. They have a rubberized lid which fits snuggly.

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  • Another great quality item from HSN, (EWBforlife CO)

    I purchased these to go with the set I bought previously. Once again, the seal on the lids is awesome and the quality can't be beaten!

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  • Great storage containers, (hamilton80 AZ)

    The best storage containers. Keeps baking goods fresh.

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  • large storage, (berbis AZ)

    I have found plastic storage to leave odors in some foods like potatoe chips. I love these large jars for just such storage. They are for storage only and can't go into the freezer, oven or microwave but I wouldn't use them for that anyway.

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  • LOVE!, (Mlmack01 VA)

    I hv a red set of LeCreuset canisters which i love but fr abt a yr iv bn looking fr glass canisters so i can see my contents...these were not my 1st choice but ordered and the 1st thing that struck me was the awesome seal! Needless to say thy are both on my countertop with flour and sugar...also bought the set of 2 smaller sized ones...thy have shipped and ill hv this week making my countertop complete! I highly recommend!

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