Aloe Vera 400 - 120 Capsules

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  • Amazing & Life-Changing , (Cindy0214 TX)

    In Sept., my 40 yr old daughter was hospitalized 7 days with Acute Liver Failure and Pancreatitis. She doesnt drink liquor as her blood results showed. After MRI & Endoscopy, drs believe her Gallbladder removed in 2018 caused her medical issues. She was terrified to eat. In Nov., I saw Andrew talking about Aloe Vera. Unequivocally this product saved my daughters life - 2 every morning and she can eat a normal healthy diet without pain. Great healing benefits. Please never stop making it. TY

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  • Helps me, (GIGI1316 MS)

    These help without causing diarrhea like some other Aloe products do.

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  • Acid Reflux , (bre21 AZ)

    Tried it for the first time for my severe acid reflux and it's worked wonders. I was skeptical at first and after a couple of weeks symptoms subsided. You need to give it time for it to work. I take it daily.

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  • Really helps joint pain, (Donna_Reviews FL)

    I've used this for several months and ran out so I decided to go without for a month to see if it was doing anything. During those 30 days, my joint pain increased, especially my shoulder pain. So when my "experiment" time was up, I started taking the Aloe again, one in the morning as I had been doing. No exaggeration, my shoulder pain was GONE by the 3rd day. I told my friend about it and he decided to try it for himself and his girlfriend. They too noticed reduced joint pain. Try it!

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  • Love it!, (angele45 FL)

    I find it help my digestive system.

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  • Very Effective, (MamaLot NJ)

    Excellent product. Highly recommended!

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  • Aloe Vera 400, (NancyJane1950 NV)

    Another Andrew Lessman product where you can tell it is working as advertised. It really soothes the stomach lining and my rickety old joints don't scream with pain as much. Osteoarthritus is something I have lived with for many yrs and this supplement really helps me. But soothing my reliably upset stomach after eating spicy foods is a blessing. Must always keep in my stash of supplements. Thx, Andrew Lessman

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  • The best, (Huskerbadge WI)

    I have a very sensitive stomach, and I suffer from occasional stomach upset. This is the best product I have used to solve my problem. Works very quickly and is very soothing to my stomach. I highly recommend.

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  • Great product , (Fonf NC)

    I take this with my dinner and it helps with indigestion

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  • Great pills!, (Puchongo FL)

    These totally work for my stomach indigestion and acid reflux ! Have been taking them every morning and have had no further issues.

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  • This work for my stomach , (lizziemh69 MI)

    I have acid reflux and I take one Before I eat and it helps me

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  • great product, (silver13 NV)

    I love the aloe vera enough to send it to a friend, it shipped on July 12 and she still has not received it and when I spoke to customer service was told if she did not get it by Aug ! to call back. UPS is the hold up. shame on ups. Not only did I recommend this to a friend I sent it to her

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  • One of my favorite supplements, (carsonmernice MI)

    I have a history of reflux with heartburn and also occasional gastritis. When I needed to discontinue prescription medicine for this, as I had developed SIBO, I I struggled with flare ups. Taking Andrews aloe Vera capsules soothed my symptoms quickly and without side effect. I wish I had tried this first before taking prescriptions! It is gentle and effective.

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  • A must, (Terry25 GA)

    This isa very excellent product. I now have my 2 daughters and granddaughter using it. Definitely take if stomach issues. A must!

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  • At last something that helped, (autumlf IN)

    Love the Aloe Vera -200 caps, the have helped my stomach , decreased acid reflux, will be taking this from now on. Thank you Andrew!!

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