Aloe Vera 200 Ginger Root 200 - 30 Capsules

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  • The best, (TO123 IL)

    This product helped me through a digestive issue recently. Once again Andrew's products proved to provide results. Not only did I feel physically better but also mentally & emotionally .. I am in good hands ... thank you Andrew for sharing the gift of support.

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  • Quality, (Splendid AR)

    Good quality supplements.

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  • Five star, (Sue313 MS)

    It is a wonderful product. I used to have a lot of heart burn. No matter what I ate. I have been taking it 4 months twice a day and no longer have heart burn and no more anti-acid tablets that are so bad for you. I recommend this to be a must

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  • Has made my heartburn worse!, (Meledstick CO)

    I had high hopes for this product, but it has made my heartburn worse, not better. Returning.

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  • Grateful One , (44804 FL)

    Miracle in a bottle ! I love aloe in any form , but this ginger mix is the bomb ! Aloe kills cancer , acid reflux , burns (internal ,exrternal ) and more ! Every human should have it in their daily diet ! I cured hemoroids with aloe at age of 17 ,never a another problem ! There is so much more ,but the main thing is to get it in every way ,liquid ,cream ,powder and more ! Dont wait ,your life is at stake !

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  • Heart burn, (Reebaby NY)

    I use a few of AL supplements and are relatively happy with them. This product however gave me heartburn. I stopped for a few days and tried again on three separate occasions. I have gone years without getting heart burn so I can safely say this was it. I waited too long to return.

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  • Love it. , (JoAnne1272 FL)

    Love all of Andrews products. I buy all vitamins for my stomach and I believe it helps. I have recommended his vitamins to all my family and friends. Thank you for making great vitamins.

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  • Great, (mare853 NJ)

    It works wonders. Great product.

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  • Disappointed, (ReRe21 MA)

    Unfortunately this product was not a good fit for me. Upset my stomach with burning and burping very unsettled. I use many of Andrews products this is just one that does not agree with me so I just sent it back.

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  • Average supplement, (calidan209 NV)

    Didn't notice any significant changes to my digestion. Still experienced GERD.

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  • Love other products but not this one, (Deblou1 IN)

    I love Andrew Lessman's other products but not this one. This one seems to bother my stomach.

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  • Skin and tummy help!, (Sunflower47 SC)

    I take this several times a day. The ginger helps with my acid reflux! I'm off of decades of omeprazole and using only natural substances like ginger, essential oils, and lots of probiotics. I feel sooooooooo much better being off of that drug, and my stomach rarely bothers me. Yes, it was difficult in the withdrawal period, but I discovered that ginger is very helpful. The aloe is good for my skin. I take Andrew's Healthy Hair, Skin, and Nails, and the Marine Collagen Peptides, too, and at 63, I have the clearest, wrinkle free complexion you can imagine!

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  • Aches are less , (1309lk IA)

    I have had no stomach upset and I have been able to cut down on my anti inflammatory drug. This combination works!

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  • A+, (HSNaddicted57 NY)

    Good for your system.

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  • Ann from Tucson, (challenger123 FL)

    This is my second order. These are great for occasional heartburn. Was able to stop taking Prilosec. If you take it on an empty stomach it burns a little but that feeling goes away in a few minutes.

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