AfterShokz Aeropex Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

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  • Very good., (bee1460 IN)

    Very. Excellent product.

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  • Excellent sound , (Glover500 GA)

    They are my 2nd pair. I purchased the original and they are good but these are even better!!

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  • Great Headphones!, (Babygreens NJ)

    I bought these in red because I wanted a pair of headphones for my phone that did not go inside my ear canal. These are great! They are comfortable and they connect quickly to my phone. The sound is wonderful and the microphone works very well. No one has trouble hearing me on the other end and that often happens with my other wireless headphones.

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  • Wonderful option to ear buds, (hamptongoodboy IL)

    I do not like sticking things in my ear and this is a great option. The sound is great, the comfort is great, and I can still hear outside conversations . I would rather slip this around my neck then carry a case for ear buds! Sorry about being so late with my review but I highly recommend these.

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  • Great Headphones, (Snomogo MI)

    I have used these for a while now and they are so nice. I find myself forgetting I have them on my head. I use mostly for podcasts and they connect quickly. I just ordered another pair as they finally came back on sale.

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  • Buy Them!, (Lulu378 NY)

    Sound quality is excellent. Comfortable to wear. Easy to use. I'm so happy that I purchased them. Great item!

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  • Awesome, (catkat22 WY)

    Bought these for my husband who has lost his hearing in one ear. He was amazed at how he could hear his music with his tablet.

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  • Outstanding , (Topfuel1 NV)

    Have been using this product for over a month and no issues to report Works as described Have two of them and both are working great

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  • Comfort and sound!, (KazeB2 WA)

    The sound is exceptional and the comfort of not having something pushed into the ears is great. I can even wear these walking and can still hear people and dogs. Light, comfy, great sound.

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  • First headphones I actually use, (MaxLinux SC)

    I rarely use my collection of buds and headphones that sound great but are not comfortable for long periods and don't stay in well. Aeropex stays in place perfectly and is super comfortable because it is very light and not stuffed in my ears. A major bonus is that I can hear my surroundings while using Aeropex. For the absolute best sound quality, standard buds/headphones can beat Aeropex. However, Aeropex has very good sound quality, and with its other features, it's a winner.

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  • Love it, (USMCBill DC)

    This is a very good product. It's just the right size and weight, it stays in place well and since it's bone conduction the sound is great along with the clarity.

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  • Sounds great? It is!, (Anudawn VA)

    Skeptical in purchasing this headphone. Glad I did. When your ears are not compatible with in-ear options, these are perfect. Easy to synch. Comfortable and allows you to hear others around you, if necessary. Soft ear plugs for plane or train rides. Highly recommend.

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  • These are so good, (BeTheGlitch ID)

    Id give it 5 stars, but the sound quality is lacking. However, thats the only drawback. I absolutely love that I can hear outside of my headphones, that Im not forever unplugging something from my ears in order to hear those around me. With ear sensory issues, not having something in my ears has been life changing.

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  • WOW, (pathsn1 CA)

    These are probably the best ,not in the ear ,headphones I have ever bought . Great for phone calls or music, although I have a suggestion, may father has very bad hearing ,maybe if they ,after so is , wou!d make hard of hearing bone conduction aide s ,with out having a separate receiver box to carry around , thanks

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  • Great headphones, (TriMom2 CO)

    These headphones are very comfortable and offer great sound. I bought them to use while running. They stay put and allow me to be aware of my surroundings without having to take them off. The only drawback is that they are hard to wear with a beanie during cold weather.

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