AeroPilates Pull-Up Bar Accessory

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  • Great, (Tilley57 NC)

    Great addition. The bar allows me to really work on my arms and shoulders. I'm glad I ordered it.

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  • great workout tool-love aero pilates, (kassyaz AZ)

    have had A PILATES reformer since 2006 and still use. love the pull-up bar. a great addition to my reformer. I workout watching tv in my craft room.

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  • Amazing, (Lady_Thunderbolt IL)

    Thought Id try this. 65 and sit a lot at work. Cant run anymore so I put this together about an hour. Not bad. Omg, first couple slides you feel your core. All my other workouts dont strengthen it like this, and I can watch tv and cardio rebound. This is the best item Ive ever bought for workouts. Thanks HSN for the long video! Its so helpful to watch. Please restock large platform.

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  • Adds extra versatility to upper body exercises, (Lovestotravel MI)

    This gives such a nice controlled balanced full body spine stretch (lying on my back). Also this bar allows for even more upper body exercises. Fits my HSN 794-810 (Aeropilates 55-4393). I also recommend getting the size Medium stand. If HSN is out of an item contact Stamina for original part replacement 1-800-375-7520. They are very helpful.(1) AeroPilates Model 55-4393 home studio four cord reformer

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  • LOVE, (spice1 IA)

    Love the look. Love that the cords are nice and secure in a more enclosed environment. I have a shoulder injury from a fall and when I am able the bar will be wonderful in my strength workouts.

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  • Will not fit a Stott reformer machine, (DMDTrainer MA)

    Saw it and hoped it would fit my Stott reformer.Did not, too bad.

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