Active Argan Renew Retinol 2-Step Beauty Treatment

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  • Dissapointed, (Jean411 NC)

    There are two steps to this treatment. You have to press down on top to get the serum to come out. Step 1 container worked well. Step 2 bottle did not. I am returning.

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  • Retinol 2-step beauty treatment, (tovon7 PA)

    Ive just started using this also, so dont know if it does what its supposed to do or not yet. I have used retinol products before and gave always found them to perform well. Im sure this is no different

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  • Proof Is In The Mirror..., (Crooner63 FL)

    I've been using the Active Argan line for over 5 years now, and ReNew 2-Step Retinol treatment is a staple in my regime. Once a month, I do an "intensive", where I use the product each evening for one week, while maintaining my daytime routine. I can visibly see an improvement in my skin by night 4 - super hydrated, firmer, brighter, thicker skin, with no irritation or down-time. Make sure I use the Active Argan 365 SPF 30 Sunscreen during the day. Excellent results and I'm aging backward!

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  • Ok moisturizer , (DidUFloss AZ)

    Does not live up to the sales hype. it is a moisturizer but after a week of use the instructions are to use every other day. The first night I did not use it I awakened with dry flakey skin. So much for not needing to use it every day. Its just another moisturizer and is no better than most others.

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  • Natural Aging, (AgingNaturallyTX TX)

    Age 53. Dry climate. Love Active Argan oil. Seriously, in 3 days I noticed skin was plumper. After 9 months my skin is thicker therefore firmer, lifted, no forehead lines, no crows feet, minimal nose to mouth lines. My skin keeps getting better. Night routine: 1. Rosy Stem Cleanser for makeup, dirt, skin prep. 2. AA Renew retinol or Resurface 3. Overnight Stem Cell Elixir 4. All over Drops with splash of water.

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  • can't get the product out!!!, (joe-mat-fa1 CA)

    hard to review a product that is extremely hard to get out of the container -I pump and pump and get very little after working way to hard to get any!!! please put this product in a container we can open and get the product out!!!

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  • NO, (Trixie1969 IL)

    Bought because on live promo claimed it "does wonders for the 11 lines" THATS A CROCK!! gave me dry scaly skin AND OF COUSE Ill HAVE TO PAY RETURN SHIPPING for their FAULTY product

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  • No difference, (lgh1 TN)

    Been using this for couple weeks and so far I dont see a difference in my skin! I will continue to use it hoping it just takes a little longer to see a difference in my skin, but definitely not an overnight fix!!

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  • Love it!, (sunlotus KS)

    Easy to use, gentle and very effective retinol!

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