Active Argan .5 fl. oz. Tinted Oil Drops

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  • Not for me, (bellybuster KS)

    Two stars. This rubs off onto clothing etc. Was not mentioned in the presentation. A very important piece of information indeed. Returned

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  • Love this product!, (beecee7922 IA)

    These drops are a great boost to my skin care routine! They are immediately soaked into the skin and make it feel smooth and hydrated all while leaving a slight sun kissed glow!

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  • Gives you a glow, (DVJ TX)

    When I opened this up I thought Oh No..way too dark. I am very fair skinned. but when I put it on, it surprisingly was not dark. Just a nice glow and really hydrates your skin. This is going to be good during gate summer when one wears less make up.

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  • messy, (shalane VA)

    I think I could like this product.. but the bottle and delivery method is messy. The lid broke after a couple of weeks. I also think the formula needs tweaking. Maybe develop a creamier version

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  • Love it, (BoniBaby MD)

    Love Argan Tinted Oil Drops. This is my second bottle. Enhances your tan in the summer and gives a nice golden light sheen in the winter months. Always checking for the sale prices. Looking to stock up on the Tinted Oil Drops. I also use the non tinted Argan Oil drops! Love this product.

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  • Ok, (puglady911 AZ)

    The oil is very nice but the color added is too dark. It looks red on my skin. Maybe just a little bit lighter on the coloring.

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  • Pretty natural color!, (tbom TX)

    Gorgeous natural color with the benefit of skincare.

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  • Such a fan. , (DesertKe TX)

    I am such a fan of these Argan tinted oil drops. I do not wear a lot make-up, especially in the desert summers. I am a huge fan of natural skin. So, these come in hand for given the skin a boost of color, without adding all of the layers of makeup. You only need a little, and it goes a long way. For the women out there that love their skin natural, but want to add a little glow, these are a good buy. I highly recommend this product.

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  • Oil change, (Twitchey CA)

    Not as much cover but usable

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  • A little obsessed!! , (Tamara83 IN)

    With warmer weather I like less makeup. These tinted drops are wonderful! Moisture plus a bit of color to even out skin tone. A little blush, mascara and youre good. Ive also used the sunscreen drops plus these! At almost 58 the moisture plus tint is great for lessening lines and wrinkles!

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  • natural but buildable, (sandydee7 WI)

    this is a argan oil with a bronzer addedcan be light or a heavier applicationbeautiful natural color

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  • Love, (KJ19 IL)

    Didnt know what to expect but I love this product. Very little goes a long way and gives a nice tanned natural look to skin. I use it to even out my uneven tan lines on face and neck due to wearing sunglasses and hat in summer, my nose and bottom of face still tan but neck and forehead eyes area do not. I also can see using it on legs to avoid the dreaded fake tan drips and transfer to clothes problem. Recommend trying!

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  • Packaging, (teddy902 MD)

    Arrived completely soaked through the outer carton with a note from the post office. Never had other items do this, They have to learn more packaging control.

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  • Didnt care for the smell!, (winecountry1 CA)

    I was excited to get this but once I opened the bottle and put on my arms I couldnt believe the smell.. not appealing at all! This is going back!! I wish it had a coconut / tropical smell. !!

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  • natural bronze, (sandydee7 WI)

    a very nice bronzing effect very natural and glowing

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