1882 "O-over-S Mint" 90% Silver Morgan Silver Dollar Coin

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  • Graet Deal, (love-coins OH)

    What A great way to buy coins even error coins, this is a good deal for me, I look for years to find one like this, keep it going HSN .

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  • pleased, (mccain479 FL)

    I was pleased withn the condition of the coin.

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  • Total Disappointment, ( TX)

    Where to begin...Case was cracked from edge to a third of the way down..On examining with a jewelers loupe the S was not visable...went to a coin site...stated coins that do not show a distinct S command smaller premiums..they advised be sure to buy one with a distinct S under the O..my coin had nothing to distinquish this from any other O coin... will not be able to purchase coins with confidence in the future.. I would rate this item zero stars if possible...

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