Yellow Gold 14k Ring

Feel Like a Queen Wearing a 14k Gold Ring

Yellow gold is one of the most beautiful metals in the universe. And wearing a stunning yellow gold 14k ring is one of the finest fashion statements you can make. Gold's purity is measured in karats and a ring that is 14k has 58.5 percent pure lustrous gold. Durable other metals make up the remaining percentage so that your 14k ring will last a lifetime.

For a cocktail party, wear a yellow gold 14k gold ring enhanced with pave diamonds. This gorgeous ring would look magnificent against a simple white asymmetric midi dress. Wearing this outfit will make you look like a goddess.

Nothing says "I love you" more than a yellow gold14k ring set with dazzling diamond stones. Give this ring as a betrothment present for your special engagement. When presenting your love with this gift, add a simple yellow gold bracelet to adorn her arm. Or for an anniversary present, choose a yellow gold ring with contrasting color gemstones to add to her collection. You will be sure to find the perfect yellow gold 14k ring for yourself or someone special when you shop HSN's fine collection today.