Bar Necklaces

When you think about the latest trends in jewelry, there are two opposite sides of the spectrum. On one side, chunky statement pieces are very in style, which are certainly eye-catching and bold. Most of these pieces come in bright colors and unique styles. On the other side, you'll find more delicate options, including thin, stackable rings and bar necklaces. A bar necklace is simple and subtle, making it perfect to wear for any occasion. Some bar necklaces have engraved words, phrases, or designs on the bar, especially those that can be customized for each wearer.
At HSN, you're not limited to one gold bar necklace or one silver bar necklace. Instead, the selection is wide, with styles that complement your favorite attire, whether you're heading into the office or going out for a night on the town. It's also easy to find a bar necklace at HSN that fits the length you want, whether you prefer a choker style or a longer chain that takes the bar part of the necklace lower down on your chest. Find your perfect accessory or jewelry piece at HSN, no matter what style you want to convey.