Wide Bracelet

Make a Statement in a Stylish Wide Bracelet

A beautiful piece of jewelry is the perfect accessory when you're putting together your outfit of the day. Whether you're heading out on the town with your special someone or spending the evening with your friends, a wide bracelet can make the right statement. This style of jewelry is flattering with just about any look, and you can find a variety of options at HSN. For an upscale event, try a wide bracelet accented with precious gemstones or beads. If you're going casual, the hammered metal and cuff-style bracelets will complement your toned-down look.

No matter what style you're going for, you can step up the appearance when you add a wide bracelet as an appealing accessory. The options at HSN come in a variety of colors, making it easier to match with your favorite apparel piece. Along with a collection of bracelet options, HSN also has jewelry organizers designed to keep all your accessories in one place and within easy reach. You'll love the unique designs and touches on the wide bracelets, as well as the affordable prices that allow you to pick out more than one piece to add to your accessory collection.