White Turquoise Jewelry

White Turquoise Jewelry Makes a Statement

Turquoise is made of a combination of copper and aluminum and occurs in many beautiful shades of blue and green. It's an opaque stone, sometimes with interesting lines and fractures. It can be the centerpiece for earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets when it is polished and shaped. Its bright colors and striking natural shapes are the perfect accessories for your special outfit.

When combined with other gemstones, white turquoise jewelry stands out with its complementary colors and metals. Whether set in gold or silver, turquoise jewelry can flatter any skin tone or enhance any fashion statement. You might find a classic blue and white combination, a series of multi-colored beads intertwined with turquoise, or a chunky bohemian ring for a bold look. Combine your turquoise jewelry with contrasting pieces or layer turquoise together for a fun look.

With a piece of white turquoise jewelry from the HSN collection, you can add a bold necklace to a basic black work suit and transform it into an outfit ready for an after-work night out with friends, or pair a set of white turquoise bracelets with a cool linen shirt to the farmers' market for a colorful statement piece. However you want to look, white turquoise jewelry can give you style and confidence.