White Howlite Jewelry

Enjoy the Soothing Sophistication of White Howlite Jewelry

Howlite is a semiprecious stone that's white in its natural state. While it's often dyed to resemble other stones, you don't have to deal with any imitation looks when you choose white howlite jewelry. These pieces let the stone take center stage in its original form. This is a beautiful choice that has plenty of character. Howlite is primarily white in hue, but it features striking streaks of gray throughout. This makes each piece unique, so you can enjoy the originality of something that's completely one-of-a-kind.

Many of our white howlite jewelry pieces feature this stone alongside other complementary choices. Howlite looks especially stunning when paired with peach or black stones. This white and gray stone looks gorgeous with gold and is often featured in gold cuffs or bracelets. In its dyed state, howlite resembles turquoise very closely. If you're not sure that white howlite what you would choose for your jewelry collection, you can also explore it in a brilliant blue hue. The gray streaks remain, which are part of what makes this stone so effective at imitating other options.

If you're interested in adding white howlite jewelry to your collection, you'll find plenty of picks available for you from HSN.