Vinyl Turntable

Break Out Your Old Vinyl Record Albums

Do you remember how exciting it was to get a new record album, open it up, and put it on the turntable? The sounds of vinyl were so clear and open. Today, you can break out all those favorite albums and play them on a cool vinyl turntable from HSN.

Would you like to impress your friends at a backyard party with your record collection? Choose a portable vinyl turntable that has three-speed capabilities, which you can pair with your awesome-sounding Bose speakers via Bluetooth. Get your friends up and dancing to retro songs that everyone knows and loves, as you play the albums on a vinyl turntable.

If you are a DJ, pick a vinyl turntable that streams wirelessly to a Bluetooth speaker, so your friends can hear your scratch capabilities. Alternatively, for an old-school, nostalgic vinyl turntable, choose a mode that not only plays vinyl records but also plays CDs and cassette tapes. Car buffs will have a blast playing albums on a vinyl turntable that looks like the radio interface on an old muscle car. Then Bluetooth the music over to a Bose soundbar for a high-fidelity sound. Have fun shopping for a vinyl turntable from HSN today.