Accessorize With Traditionally Beautiful Turquoise Stone Jewelry

Turquoise is a magnificent stone for prominent or accent jewelry. As a natural stone, it has a color gradient, but it's mesmerizing throughout its spectrum of colors. HSN offers a splendid collection of turquoise color jewelry by several incredible designers. You will find a variety of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, as well as some stunning turquoise rings. These jewelry pieces may be bold or delicate, but they capture an infinite eloquence however they are styled.

Turquoise jewelry by Jay King uses natural turquoise sourced from regions such as Chile, New Mexico, Mongolia, and China and often incorporates contrasting colors such as amber. Chaco Canyon jewelry is created by traditional Native American artisans and reflects their historical art and spirituality. These pieces feature outstanding turquoise cabochons encased in silver framings and are often designed with geometric patterns.

You can also find contemporary designs including mixed media statement rings made by Rarities, a brand that fuses turquoise with the shocking vibrancy of rubies, sapphires, white topaz, red coral, and other precious gemstones. Their turquoise jewelry is a marvel to behold.

If you are drawn to turquoise, amazonite jewelry and green jade jewelry are likely to appeal to you. Check out HSN's selection of incredible turquoise jewelry and other jewelry in the blue-green spectrum. 

Turquoise Color Jewelry