Turkish Towel

If you haven't heard of Turkish cotton, you are definitely missing out. Turkish towels are rapidly growing in popularity, and you'll understand why once you try them yourself. You'll never be able to go back. First and foremost, they have an incredible absorbency power. How do they manage this? With long staple fibers, which means that each fiber of your Turkish bath towels or Turkish beach towels is finer, making the fabric able to hold more water. Say hello to faster drying times and no more soggy towels!

They're also incredibly durable and tough. This is why they're so popular not only at home but also during your travel or trips to the beach. Your Turkish towels will easily withstand the test of time, saving you plenty of money in the long run. But don't worry, this natural durability of Turkish cotton will never compromise their softness. Those same long fibers making the fabric so absorbent also make it silky smooth and super soft to the touch. Excellent to use for an at-home spa day. Turkish towels are a simple way to impress your house guests and perfectly accent your bathroom accessories.