Sterling Silver Leverback Earrings

You deserve a treat from our collection of classic and sophisticated silver leverback earrings. At our marketplace, you'll find the perfect gift for your best friend, daughter, or mother.

Why add sterling silver leverback earrings to your jewelry box? They have all the style for a fraction of the price of real silver or white gold. They are beautiful yet practical. Made with 92.5 percent pure silver and 7.5 percent of other metals, sterling silver has a better shape, a higher sparkle factor, and far more strength. This means that the earrings you buy and cherish today will still be with you many years later thanks to sterling silver's durability. Also, this metal is far easier to work with than gold, so artisans are able to create unique and intricate pieces.

Suffer from a metal allergy? Most people who suffer from such allergies happily wear beautiful sterling silver. Earrings are the first accessory people notice when they look at you. Our easy to wear leverback earrings in sterling silver are your new best friend. They will help you combine comfort and practicality while adding satisfying sparkle and jaw-dropping touches to any necklace or outfit.