Silver Slide Necklace

If you ever have trouble finding necklaces that fit at the length you want, a silver slider necklace might become your new go-to piece of jewelry. Adjustable necklaces for women deserve much more attention than they get. They're versatile, flattering, durable, and the slide feature does nothing to detract from their chic appeal. If you want a chain that fits close to the throat, you have that option, but you can wear the same necklace a bit longer, and it will appear entirely different.

We have an abundance of decorative sliders and statement necklaces featuring beads, sparkling stones, pearls, and more. However, if you prefer to put together a signature look, you can buy a simple silver slide necklace. Just choose an adjustable chain that you love, then shop for charms and pendants. From hearts and stars to animals and artistic designs, it's easy to find an eye-catching charm - but hard to choose only one.

The way you accessorize says everything about your sense of style. You can change an outfit's aesthetic by adding chandelier earrings or a stunning necklace. Get yours from HSN, where the selection is second to none.