Silver Irish Jewelry

Get or give the luck of the Irish through HSN's line of sterling silver Celtic jewelry. Show your love for your Irish heritage or love for the Irish in general with these pretty pieces. This silver Irish jewelry is perfect for those who enjoy wearing a little something without being too flashy and compliments every outfit. HSN offers silver Irish jewelry in the form of beautiful rings. These classic Claddagh rings, a popular style of Irish jewelry, form two hands holding a heart on opposite sides of the ring, The "arms" form the band of the ring, with each hand meeting at the heart.

There are two styles of these Claddagh rings. One ring has a crown above the heart, giving it a regal look. The other Claddagh ring is a wedding band that can be customized with inscriptions on the inside of the ring. This one has braids that form the arms of the hands that hold the heart. Each ring is intricately made. The Claddagh ring with a crowned heart would make a great gift for yourself or a friend, while the wedding band is a beautifully unique way to celebrate your wedding day with your beloved.