Rope Twisted Ring

Set Yourself Apart With a Rope Twisted Ring

Rings are a favorite jewelry item for many women. They can symbolize love, faithfulness, fidelity, and commitment for women in happy relationships. For singles, wearing a ring can be a defiant celebration of their independence and strength. Classic rings with smooth metal edges are timeless, but some women find them a little pedestrian. If you prefer to go your own way, consider a rope twisted ring from HSN.

Rope twisted rings feature striking metal details, which resemble twisted rope fibers. These details add an alluring texture and dimension to the ring design, which really brings it to life. The setting isn't merely a supporting player for a gemstone; it's the main event.

In fact, the twisted rope details are so striking, many of HSN's rope twisted rings don't have any gems at all. If you do love the sparkle of jewels, HSN has you covered with rope twisted rings featuring citrine, blue topaz, turquoise, and other gemstones. HSN also has rope twisted rings made from a variety of different metals. Its sterling silver, yellow gold, and rose gold rings are made to suit all tastes.

Rope twisted rings from HSN are also available at a variety of price points. Most are available via FlexPay, so you can always fit the one you love into your budget.