Rfid Wallet

Secure Your Personal Information in an RFID Wallet

RFID chips are more commonly found in credit and debit cards, offering a more convenient way to pay. You can simply touch a card that contains an RFID chip to a scanner, rather than having to insert or swipe it in a terminal. However, that chip contains important information linked to your account, which can be stolen. Thieves are taking advantage of the digital options available to them, and some of those thieves are equipped with RFID scanners that can steal the information from your card simply by standing near you.

RFID chips are also found in passports and metro cards, so the security concern is great. In order to combat this concern, you can protect your information with an RFID wallet that blocks scanners. At HSN, you can find RFID wallet options that look like stylish fashion accessories yet contain blockers that keep your information safe and secure. HSN also carries RFID wallets in the men's apparel and accessories line. Some feature unique designs and patterns, while others are solid colors for simplicity. By storing your personal items in an RFID wallet, you can better protect yourself against digital thieves.