Red Turquoise Silver Ring

Stand Out From the Crowd With a Red Turquoise Silver Ring

When most people think of turquoise, they think of the distinctive teal-colored gemstone. However, modern technology has allowed jewelry makers to experiment with turquoise stones in all colors of the rainbow. You'll always stand out from the crowd wearing jewelry featuring red turquoise, such as a red turquoise silver ring from HSN.

A silver setting is the perfect base for a vibrant red turquoise stone. The bold color really pops against the delicate silver metal, ensuring it gets the attention it deserves. If you're smitten by red turquoise, you might like a ring that makes this stone the star of the show. However, HSN's jewelry designers also showcase how well red turquoise can complement other stones, such as natural blue turquoise, onyx, and jasper. Their settings are bold and modern with a healthy dose of Southwestern flair.

Legend says turquoise brings good luck and strength. While there are no guarantees, surely it's worth seeing whether a red turquoise silver ring brings some positivity your way. Even if it doesn't, the compliments you receive are bound to brighten your day!

Red turquoise is typically more affordable than natural blue or green turquoise, but you won't need to pay for your ring upfront. HSN offers FlexPay on all red turquoise silver ring purchases.