Reclining Furniture

Get Ready to Relax With Reclining Furniture

A beautiful recliner makes a great centerpiece for any living room, family room or den. Whether you love the inviting look of fabric-upholstered recliners or the sophistication of rich bonded leather sofa and recliner sets, you'll find the right reclining furniture for you at HSN.

When shopping for the perfect reclining furniture to complete your space, consider what features will fit your lifestyle best. The fabrics don't just influence the look but also the price you'll pay. Expect to pay more for the luxury of leather. If you're on a tight budget, an affordable reclining sofa upholstered with cotton or polyester material may suit you better. Your cat or dog will have a much harder time damaging a couch upholstered in a tightly woven fabric such as microfiber.

Also think about the space you have available. Ideally, you should also have enough space for others to move through your room, even when your chair reclines. At HSN, we list the measurements of all our reclining furniture in the specifications section of each product page. We also note which reclining furniture is well-suited to apartments and small rooms. Read the product pages thoroughly to make sure the furniture you love will suit your home.

Special features can make your reclining furniture even more appealing. Added lumbar and neck support provides unmatched comfort for those with back and neck pain. Recliners that glide or rock are essential pieces for any nursery. Reclining chairs with swivel functions help you easily turn to join the conversation or catch an important play on your big screen without changing seats. That makes them great living room recliner couches. Some reclining furniture pieces can even give you a heated massage, achieving the ultimate in at-home relaxation.

Many reclining lift chairs have adjustable height mechanisms that make it easy to get in and out of the seat. Some furniture recliner sofa chairs have manual reclining mechanisms while power reclining furniture has more modern push-button mechanisms. Other high-tech recliners have added features including heating pads and massage functions to enhance your comfort. You'll also find reclining chairs with USB ports to charge your mobile devices. Consider your budget carefully when deciding what kind of recliner will work best for your home.

When you shop at HSN for your new recliner, take advantage of affordable, convenient FlexPay options. We offer an extensive selection of high-quality reclining furniture available in easy-to-manage installments so you can outfit your entire home in style.