Prong Set Sterling Silver Jewelry

Spoil Yourself With Prong Set Sterling Silver Jewelry

A prong setting is a timeless jewelry design feature, securely holding gemstones in place for your peace of mind. Discover a piece of jewelry you can confidently love for decades in HSN's prong set sterling silver jewelry collection.

Prong set jewelry features metal arms, called prongs, which hug a gemstone to hold it in place. They're more than just a practical feature though. Prong settings elevate the gemstones slightly, letting light hit them from more angles for added sparkle. The effect is most pronounced in prong set jewelry with faceted gemstones, but even polished stones gain some extra luster from a prong setting.

Prong settings are most commonly used in traditional solitaire rings used for engagements. HSN sells these timeless prong set rings, along with other rings with clusters of gemstones. This diverse jewelry collection also features prong set pendants, bracelets, earrings, and more. These quality pieces come from some of HSN's most popular jewelry partners including Michael Anthony, Colleen Lopez, and Judith Ripka.

Sterling silver jewelry is always comparatively more affordable than jewelry made from yellow or rose gold. However, when it's embellished with high-end gemstones the price can creep up. HSN wants to make its prong set sterling silver jewelry accessible to shoppers of all budgets, so it offers FlexPay with all purchases.