Plush Mattress Pad

Give Your Mattress a New Life With a Plush Mattress Pad

If your current mattress is losing its shape, but you want it to last a little longer, or if it's missing some important features, then a plush mattress pad might be the perfect solution. To enjoy a more comfortable and restorative sleep, explore the selection of mattress pads in HSN's online bedding department.

Let your unique needs and preferences guide your choice, as each mattress pad will function slightly differently. If you'd like your bed to keep you nice and toasty in winter but help you stay cool during hot summer months, consider a reversible mattress pad. One side is made of a plush sherpa layer for cozy times when it's freezing out. The other side comes with Coolmax technology to wick moisture away and keep you cool on the warmest nights.

HSN's selection of mattress pads also offers luxurious options with additional benefits such as water resistance. This type of protective yet lofty mattress pad is ideal for households with small children or pets that like to crawl in bed with their human companions.

The right mattress pad can even help keep your allergies in check. Look for hypoallergenic varieties.