Pearl Charm Bracelet

Adorn Your Wrist With Luminescent Pearls

Pearls are a mermaid's best friend. They are beautiful gifts from nature that make any outfit look pretty. When you wear a pearl charm bracelet from HSN's fine collection, you will be adding luminescent dazzle to your arm.

A perfect gift for a young girl would be a simple and lovely pearl charm bracelet with stretch, which she can easily put on her wrist. Add a pair of sweet pearl stud earrings to her gift to complete her innocent jewelry ensemble.

Pearl charm bracelets that have the addition of Balinese silver beads threaded through create an exotic look that would look fantastic with a flowing embellished maxi dress and a colorful scarf. Wear this outfit to a music festival where you can dance the afternoon away.

To add an extra touch of gracefulness to the pearl charm bracelet, choose one that has added gemstones and intricately scrolled charms, which will elevate it to a glamorous level. Wear these bold and colorful bracelets with evening dresses and high heels when you are out for an elegant evening with friends. You will want several bracelets when you shop the pearl charm bracelet collection from HSN today!