Pear Shaped Setting Earrings

Wear Pear-Shaped Earrings for Any Occasion

Pear-shaped jewelry has always been a popular choice, and you can have the most trendy earrings when you shop HSN's collection of pear-shaped setting earrings. Pear shapes, sometimes known as teardrops, make earrings look long and elegant.

Take a simple outfit and elevate it with pear-shaped setting earrings set in silver with gorgeous, colored gemstones. Everyone's eyes will be drawn to their beauty when you wear your hair swept up and held with shining crystal hair accessories.

For an elegant evening in the city, choose a pair of earrings that have glimmering, multicolored crystals dangling from a stunning, large pear-shaped crystal stone. Whenever you move, the light will shimmer from all the gorgeous crystal. Wear an evening dress with a plunging neckline and enhance your neck with a dazzling diamond necklace.

When you are packing jewelry for a tropical vacation, choose pear-shaped setting earrings with white pearls and stones the colors of the sky. You can wear this style of earring with a flowery dress, an elegant formal wear, or even with a beautiful one-piece bathing suit when lounging poolside. You will find a gorgeous collection of pear-shaped setting earrings when you shop HSN today.