Pave White Topaz Earrings

Dazzling, Elegant, and Sophisticated Earrings Elevate Any Outfit

White topaz is a glittering gemstone that is clear and transparent and blends beautifully with other colored gemstones. Combining pave-set stones with white topaz creates an amazing, dazzling look that everyone will admire. You will find a gorgeous collection of pave white topaz earrings from HSN's stunning collection.

Wear a pair of pave white topaz earrings that are embellished with blue topaz, tanzanite, rubies, or peridot when you go out dancing for the night. The lights of the dance floor will make your earrings sparkle with star-like brilliance. Wear several fashion jewelry bracelets on your wrist for extra dazzle as you twirl the night away.

Create a sophisticated look wearing pave white topaz earrings that feature elegant pearls for a timeless and graceful look. Wear this style of earrings with your hair up, and have a low-cut black evening dress on to complete the look of sophistication. Add just a spritz of fine perfume to your wrists, and your date will be swooning all evening long. Pave white topaz earrings would make a wonderful gift for any woman on your shopping list, and you are sure to find the perfect pair when you shop HSN today!