Patchouli Vanilla Sandalwood Perfume

Feel Like an Exotic Goddess Wearing These Perfumes

Images of exotic locales, walking barefoot in the sand under the moonlight, are conjured up when wearing patchouli vanilla sandalwood perfume. The heady aromas of patchouli mingle perfectly with the earthy and woody scent of sandalwood. Vanilla adds lush top notes to this enticing perfume.

Never be without your favorite perfume by keeping a small bottle of patchouli vanilla sandalwood perfume  in your handbag. Combined with complimentary fragrances, these perfumes are perfect to wear for evening occasions.

When meeting your date for a romantic candlelit dinner, the alluring scent of patchouli vanilla sandalwood perfume will have him lingering on your eyes all night long. Catch the candlelight with diamond earrings that accentuate the seductive smell of these special perfumes.

Dab the perfume behind your ears and on your wrist before heading out to a nightclub. The alluring scent will linger as you twirl around the dance floor and all will wonder what goddess is wearing this magical scent.

Patchouli vanilla sandalwood perfume would make a romantic gift for that special woman in your life. With many brands available that utilize the combination of patchouli, sandalwood, and vanilla, you will be sure to find the perfect perfume from HSN.