Oxidized Stone Jewelry

Show Off Your Style With Unique Oxidized Stone Jewelry

Oxidation is a process that involves exposing metal to certain chemicals to give it a matte black finish. At HSN, you can pick up a piece of oxidized stone jewelry to add to your collection, creating a unique appearance that complements all your favorite apparel. Oxidized stone jewelry options at HSN include rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, all of which look great on their own or when worn together. These jewelry pieces show off the matte black appearance accented with various types of gemstones. Pick up a new piece of jewelry with quartz, topaz, amethyst, moonstone, citrine, turquoise, or hematite.

With a range of options available at HSN, it's easy to find oxidized stone jewelry that complements your personal style. If you're more comfortable in jeans, pick up a casual piece of jewelry that will add a unique flair to your outfit. You can also find jewelry that looks great with your formal wear, including drop earrings and stunning rings. Along with the collection of oxidized stone jewelry, HSN also carries plenty of other jewelry options, including pieces featuring both gold and silver bases. No matter what you're shopping for, you can find the perfect accessories at HSN.