Musk Skin Cream

Rich Skin Cream With Fragrances of Earth and Wood

The scent of musk has been revered for centuries by lovers of fine perfumes and creams. Musk skin cream from HSN carries notes of wood, earth, vanilla, and exotic flowers. Wearing musk skin cream will entice the senses and create a lingering fragrance as you move through a room.

Keep your skin feeling soft and supple when you apply musk skin cream after your bath. You will enjoy how rich and creamy the products are, and you will breathe in deeply the fragrant aroma of the rich scents. Indulge yourself by wrapping up in thick lush, towels after your bath, and hold the musky scent onto your skin for hours.

The mix of musk and vanilla make a dreamy fragrance, and the combination is found in many of the musk skin creams from HSN. Feel like a pampered queen when you lather yourself with whipped body cream scented with musk that should be reserved only for royalty to use. Keep your hands soft and youthful looking with richly scented hand cream. Be sure to keep your fingernails polished and pretty to showcase your soft hands. Explore the many musk skin cream options when you shop HSN today.