Musical Clock

Musical Clocks Bring Delightful Tunes to Your Day

Clocks can add a touch of elegance, whimsy, or fun to your home's decor. A musical clock can bring extra joy to your home with a range of sounds to brighten your day. Musical clocks have been around since the early 14th century. Originally invented in the Netherlands, and then brought to colonial America in the 18th century, musical clocks have been playing tunes to mark the hour or the day of the week for hundreds of years.

Children are delighted with clocks that play their favorite nursery rhymes, especially when the musical clock has pictures of castles, animals, or their favorite fantasy world. Top their bed with a colorful or whimsical bedspread to make their room extra special.

For the sports fans in your family, a clock that boasts their favorite team would make a wonderful gift. If you have a den or a playroom, putting up a themed, art glass musical wall clock will enhance the decor of the room. To highlight an elegant clock, use beautiful wall lighting to showcase the clock's beauty. Shop HSN today for their superb collection of musical clocks. They can go into any room, and they also make wonderful gifts.