Mermaid Jewelry

Add Beachy Flare to Your Look With Mermaid Jewelry
If your heart belongs to sea, you'll fall in love with this collection of ocean-inspired mermaid jewelry. Each item features materials or designs that are distinctly connected to the ocean. Pick a shimmering necklace of pearls plucked from the water for a look any ocean goddess would love. Whether you're after a simple single strand with small keshi pearls or you want layers of cultured pearls twined around your neck, you can find the perfect look. The ocean lover who wants a bold colorful piece can't go wrong with mother-of-pearl. This iridescent material comes from the inner layer of shells and is available in a rainbow of colors as bright as the coral reef landscapes you love. Stack on rows of this distinct material and carry a bit of the beach around everywhere you go. If you prefer a subtler touch of the ocean in your look, our mermaid jewelry also includes simpler pieces such as pendant necklaces inspired by ocean life. Stud earrings can give your attire an oceanic twist as well, with enamel and crystal taking on the form of seashells or other seaworthy visions.